Putting identity, culture, language and tradition at its core, the Out of Sound Rezonance Program aims to bridge the gap between culture, art, and entrepreneurial skills through the medium of screen-printing.

We seek to support Indigenous artists and youth in the pursuit of economic sovereignty, wealth generation and social enterprise via paid apprenticeship programs, community workshops and collaborative arts projects.

Our Services

01. High quality silk screening

02. workshops and Education

03. live printing events & services



History of Indigenous Printing

We believe believe printmaking holds space in our community. As people with an oral history our documents have been found for thousands of years; in petraglyphs and Birch Bark Scrolls. These foundational pieces to our way of life; teachings, medicines, legends, great adventures and feats are pathways to envisioning an Indigenous future. Our program utilizes our history and puts it into context for the youth of today.

We base our vision upon artistic control, self-representation, and self-determination – representing one another and themselves on their own terms, instead of by non-Indigenous organizations.


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